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Subhiksha is now the country’s largest super market chain

The voyage of Subhiksha began ten years ago with just one store in South Chennai and a staff strength of 7. Today, Subhiksha is the country’s largest supermarket chain, with over 400 stores spread across Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Ahemdabad, Baroda, Vijaywada, Vishakhapatinam any many other cities in TN, AP, Gujrat etc. 250 of these stores have opened in the last few weeks and more are opening every day.

Most other supermarket chains have less than 100 stores across the country. Subhiksha has 100 stores in Delhi alone, 70 plus in Chennai, 45 in Bangalore, 30 in Hyderabad and so on. What this really means is that no matter where you are, there is a Subhiksha store close to you. So you don’t have to travel far from your house to avail of super low prices on everything of daily consumption that you may wish to buy.

Importantly, what this also means is that we source large volumes of all products for all our stores across the country. These large volumes enable us to negotiate better bargains and much much lower prices with manufacturers.

The next few months will see the addition of 400 more Subhiksha stores across the country. Work is in progress in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and in many other cities in North, West and Eastern parts of the country to bring the Subhiksha experience to more customers.

This would mean that our volumes would get only larger. Our journey has only just begun.

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Every Day Low Pricing
EDLP (Every Day Low Pricing) is a principle followed by leading retailers and value-stores like Walmart etc. With EDLP, Subhiksha ensures that on every product the lowest price is charged every single day to the customer.

Unlike other shops that have a 20% discount this week and the regular MRP (or pack price) next week, EDLP gives you the lowest possible retail price, every day of the year.

Subhikshites in Chennai who started with us in 1997 know that they get the same percentage discounts today (actually slightly more now as we have increased discounts with increasing buying power) as they got 10 years back. So it is consistent and reliable low prices.

How this works is as follows:

  1. Unlike other shops which offer discounts for limited periods and make a hue and cry about it, our discounts are kept at the same level, 365 days of the year. This means, unlike at other stores where you have to rush and purchase in advance to avail the offer, at Subhiksha you buy at your pace. You need to purchase only what is necessary and when it is necessary. Anytime you buy, you will get the same discount from us. Also there is no angst about buying something at full price today and seeing it at 15% discount tomorrow.
  2. Since our discounts remain constant, even if the companies raise their prices, our system automatically calculates the discount and offers you the same discount percentage and ensures that you get the lowest price for it
  3. Our discounts are not dependent on how much you buy from us. We don’t force you to buy more in order to give you more discounts. You could buy just one piece from us and still save proportionately the same as the customer who buys 10 pieces. We do not discriminate prices on the basis of the bill value of the consumer

The EDLP system thus ensures that you always get full value for your money. We respect your need to save and encourage you to check and compare our prices with other retailers in your neighborhood or elsewhere. We are confident that no one can offer you prices as low as this.

Discounts at Subhiksha
Discounts are offered on each and every item in stock and not just on a handful 50-60 of them
The discounts are not small. These are atleast 4-5 times of the discounts being offered in other stores.
The discounts are not for small or limited periods
They are on 365 days a year

You get discounts on whatever you buy and how much ever you buy.

As a consumer you must join the Morcha against needless Kharcha. Because you have a good option to change to Subhiksha, as you know, stocks all the brands that you usually buy whether it is edible products like refined oils, biscuits, noodles or juices and cheese or personal care products like shampoos, soaps, creams and oils or home care products like detergents, toilet cleaners, phenyls, mosquito repellents etc.

These are brands and products that you buy and use regularly. You could be spending anywhere from Rs.1500 to Rs.4000 in such products every month. The same brands are also available at most grocery stores.

The difference is that when you buy these products, most grocers charge you the prices printed on the pack, i.e. the MRP or the maximum retail price. Some retailers offer you a marginal discount if at all of 2%-3%, that too only on some of the item they sell, whereas some offer small gifts to you at the end of the month if you continue to buy from them and buy what they want you to buy.

At Subhiksha, our discounts are atleast 4-5 times that offered by other stores. This means that you can save hugely if you buy your normal requirements your usual liked brands as and when you want and in the quantities you want at our stores.

This discount is available to you irrespective of whether you buy one time or whether you buy everyday. It is also not limited to any season nor is it an inaugural offer. This is just our philosophy.

At Subhiksha no matter when you buy, what you buy or how little you buy, you can be assured that you would get the lowest prices. On all your favourite brands. Always!

This is why Subhiksha is fast becoming everybody’s abhimaan.

Finest Quality Dhaals, Rice and Atta at Subhiksha. At the lowest retail prices.

When you buy your groceries at Subhiksha, you can be assured that you not only pay the lowest prices, but get the best quality grains. This is because at Subhiksha, the attempt is to source the best quality grains directly from where they are produced.

For example our rice is sourced from Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh, our wheat from Punjab and daals from Rajasthan, Gujrat, MP and AP. Our experienced buyers ensure that they go to the very best sources and pick the best quality.

Every consignment is selected only after stringent quality checks that include tests for grain size, evenness, volume (yield), increase on cooking, aroma etc.

The selected stock is thoroughly cleaned of any external impurities, accurately weighed and hygienically packed by our trained staff. Even the packaging is far different from whatever you would have bought before.

In short, we ensure that the atta you buy makes the softest rotis, the chillies you pick are really spicy and the dhaals you get at our stores make the most nutritious and tasty preparations.

So no matter what or when you pick from our stores, Subhiksha ensures that you always get the very best quality for your family. Trust Subhiksha to give you nothing but the very best.

The Subhiksham Card

Subhiksha has introduced the Subhiksham Card for Subhikshites. Subhiksham is designed to ensure that you not only have the opportunity to get the lowest prices in the city, but also increase your savings even further by getting many special and exclusive offers, gift hampers and much more.

Over and above the savings regular shoppers at Subhiksha make, Subhiksham Card members also benefit from periodic invitation offers, special deals and contests galore.

If you’re placing an order via telephone, the Subhiksham card makes it much easier for you: just read out the Subhiksham Card number and get your order delivered right at your doorstep. There is no need to give your address and landmark etc. every time you order!

What makes Subhiksham Card unique?
100% cash back: Unlike many loyalty/rewards programs that rely on a points system, (which means you earn ‘points’ each time you use the card and then redeem it for merchandise), the Subhiksha Rewards Card offers

  1. A lucky draw every month in which you could get your entire last month purchase free!
  2. Special Offers: Wherein continous purchases of specific brands or products during the month or over several months give you great extra benefits over and above the Subhiksha Special low prices. Most of these would be on brands and products that you anyway buy and the rewards require that you only buy the quantities that you normally buy. So you get this without having to really do anything extra!
  3. Special offers on various products based on what you buy regularly these are tailr made to suit your purchases.

The golden rule of Subhiksha Rewards Card is just this: the more you use it, the it rewards you. Make sure your card number is entered on all your bills be it at the Supermarket or pharmacy or the mobiles counter or at the Fruits and Vegetables counter. You will find a Rewards Card Form here on this site; fill it up with the relevant details (it’ll take you less than a minute) and you will receive your Subhiksham Card along with your next delivery.

Low Prices at Subhiksha: the inside story

Many consumers have wondered and approached us to know how Subhiksha is able to offer such large discounts on its entire range of products. Is it offering old and outdated stock or inferior quality products? What is the magic that Subhiksha is able to do which others are not?
The answer is really quite simple. Subhiksha runs its stores like you run your house. Efficiently and economically.

Here are a few insights into how we operate:
Large volume discounts. We source large volumes directly from the source and from companies. We do not go to middlemen, thus we get large discounts on bulk buying.

Pay immediately. Of course if you pay faster, you get better goods and better prices and discounts. Subhiksha pays up-front and gets the best products all at the highest discounts

No high street stores. You would have noticed that our stores are located closer to your houses. Not in fancy locations where the rentals and cost of property is high.

No fancy buildings. Our stores do not offer any frills. We don’t have fantastic glass buildings or piped music or marble flooring. Our stores are made on the simple logic that we are there to offer you the lowest prices and not to serve as sets for film shootings.

We are not a 5 star hotel either nor do you come to our store to spend an evening with us. You are there to buy what you want quickly, at the best prices and get on with the thousands of other things you have to do!

No A/Cs. Haven’t you wondered how those expensive looking shops and A/Cs recover their costs? The answer is simple. They recover it from the prices they charge you. At Subhiksha, we don’t have A/Cs in our shop. Nor do we have more staff than that is necessary. We keep our operating costs really low so that you can benefit with lower prices. After all, we know (and you know) that every paisa that spend is yours.

Space optimally utilized. Our shops are not built to provide playgrounds for children. In fact we don’t take very large space and this helps us keep our costs low. But we still provide all the stock and all the brands that you require.

Space sold to advertisers. Every inch of space available in our shops is sold to advertisers. This is again done with the perspective of reducing costs and passing on maximum discounts to customers while ensuring optimal returns for the business.

In short we manage our costs and run our business just the way you run your house. Very consciously and economically. At Subhiksha we believe that we should not do anything that does not add value to consumers.
Every paisa counts, especially when it is yours.

Are you sure you get accurate quantity when you buy from your neighborhood grocer?
In a recent survey in your city, it was found that 90% of local grocers were cheating/misleading their customers on weights especially for items like wheat/atta, maida, rice, spices etc. This was even more true for items sent on home delivery. Most consumers when confronted with this were aghast that their trusted neighborhood grocer who they had been buying from for a very long period had been cheating them. Also 60% of kirana hand written bills had totaling and multiplication errors.

In all such bills, the totals shown were higher that what the actual was. But how many times can consumers check these? Of course with pre-packed packs and computerized bills these are worries that Subhiksha consumers can live without.

You can buy exactly what you want and end up saving at least Rs.300 – 400 on a monthly basis.

After all, savings is your right (bachat aapaka adhikaar hai)!

We understand that. So from now on, no consumer needs to make a compromise. Definitely not those who buy at Subhiksha. It is not without reason that Subhiksha is fast becoming everybody’s pride and abhimaan


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